Since its foundation in 1946, ELAMER has been continuously engaged in the world trade of foodstuffs and agricultural products. Our company is one of Greece’s largest foodstuffs import agencies, handling annually over 1.800 container loads of various products, worth over 60 million euro. Today it is managed by the founder’s sons, Spiro and Nico Georgeoglou. From the third generation Jason Georgeoglou is General Manager of the company while Alexander Georgeoglou works in the sales dept.

Our customers are supermarket chains, distribution companies, packing and canning plants, ship chandlers, as well as traditional wholesalers in the major towns of Greece. Our suppliers are spread in several countries of Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.
Our main items are Dairy Products, Dried Fruits and Nuts, Pulses, Salted Fish as well as Canned Meat, Fish, Vegetable and Fruit products.

ELAMER only deals with respectable and dependable customers and with reliable suppliers interested in having a permanent and dynamic presence in the Greek market.

Our friendly relationships with our customers and suppliers, our extended product range and our dedicated, capable and well-trained staff, guarantee a long lasting and profitable partnership.